About us

About Us

Pasala Foundation is one of the reputed and leading nonprofit organizations in India. It is a Social Development organization dedicated to improving the lives of the Children, Youth and Families living below poverty line. The organization is working exclusively for the developmental aspects of the poor people and partners with governments to design policies and programs in India. Pasala Foundation is well-established worldwide. At present Pasala Foundation is operating a good number of activities in jerkwater villages, tribal habitations and slums.

Pasala Foundation Developmental Activities are widely spread in 2 States – Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The outreach of the organizations is extensively wide and offers its services to very remote and under developed areas of the Telugu speaking states. At present, the organization is working in the remote areas to improve their livelihoods, market linkages and product development skills. Pasala Foundation assists the tribes and marginalized people to develop indigenous technology and acts as catalyst for implementing a few interventions to improve Economic Conditions.

Vision Mission

Vision of Pasala Foundation is clear – Support to deepen the roots of knowledge and basic needs to let them grow higher.

  • To build a dynamic, interactive, global community of equality through a framework of education, awareness, collaboration, integration and advocacy,
  • Influencing People’s Participation, abiding their responsibilities,
  • ncrease awareness to enjoy their rights so they can live with nondiscrimination, dignity, security and unity.

Pasala Foundation started with a Mission of marginalizing the discrimination faced by the weaker section of the society.

  • To strengthen the capacities of marginalized, people affected by injustice, exclusion and poverty.
  • To build better policies focusing mainly on child protection, education, health, clean environment, women empowerment and livelihoods.
  • To create an atmosphere where the opportunities, possibilities and dreams for all the same irrespective of caste, gender, religion and race.